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February 10, 2006

Sister Margaret Shepherd

(Sister Rose Martin)


Sister Margaret Shepherd better known as “see goo ma” in Cantonese by the MSS students has decided to return to the Maryknoll Motherhouse in NY this coming May. She continues her Mission after she left Hong Kong in Monrovia, California in 1999.


Sister Margaret first went to Hong Kong in 1959 and was assigned to do all the accounts for both Primary and Secondary sections of MSS. This included paying all the salaries so that she was frequently referred to as “the God of Money”! During the first 10 years, she also taught the First Communion classes for the special English-speaking children in the Primary and had Y.C. S. and Legion of Mary groups in the Secondary. Then after a 2-year of further study in the U.S., she returned in 1970 to teach full time in the Secondary school. The next 10 years were years of special joy for her as she taught English Language and Literature and Religious Studies in Forms I, II, III and IV. She always managed to avoid the awesome Form V exam year!


When MSS sponsorship was transferred to the Columban Sisters in 1980, she was transferred to MCS where she continued to teach. She later curtailed her classroom work and spent more time with the Prisoners’ Friends’ Association, visiting prisoners who have no relatives or friends in Hong Kong.


In 1999, she moved to the Maryknoll retirement house in Monrovia, California. There she tutored tiny Hispanic children in 1st grade in two schools; and a couple of years teaching religious education at the local church. Then she “graduated” to adults : each week making telephone reassurance calls to about 25 elderly men and women. One old lady had her dog “Tessie” sing to her over the telephone!


Sister Margaret turning 87 this year, still young and energetic, will be returning to the Center at Maryknoll where her Mission will be one of prayer.

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