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Committee Members List

Kathy Chu Giannini Co-Chairperson MCS (1960)
Magdalen Yum Co-Chairperson MSS (1976)
Angela Che Soon Pang Treasurer MSS (1973)
Pearl Li Gunsell Secretary MCS (1955)

East Coast Committee Members
Una Chang (MCS 1956)
Wendy Chang Segal (MSC 1962)

Midwest Committee Member
Celine Yu Wong (MCS 1960)

Ontario, Canada Committee Member
Maria-Elena Prata Noronha (MCS 1960)

Vancouver, Canada Committee Members
Angelina Lau Deslauriers (MCS 1960)
Fernanda Antonia de Pinna Ho (MCS 1971)

Northern California Committee Members
Moira Richards Conzelman (MCS 1967)
Maria Fatima da Roza Gomes (MCS 1960)
Zella Remedios Kotala (Instructor)
Judy Kwok Murray (MCS 1962)
Raquel de Carvalho Remedios (MCS 1953)


(front, l-r) Raquel de Carvalho Remedios, Zella Remedios Kotala, Kathy Chu Giannini, Moira Richards Conzelman, Judy Kwok Murray (back) Angela Che Soon Pang, Magdalen Yum


Pearl Li Gunsell


Una Chang and Wendy Chang Segal


Maria-Elena Prata Noronha


Maria Fatima da Roza Gomes


Fernanda A. De Pinna Ho


Angelina Lau Deslauriers


Celine Yu Wong

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